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VIP.com was founded in Aug, 2008 which head office based in Guangzhou. The main business of VIP.com is to sale brand discount products online which included clothes, shoes, bags, make ups, mother&baby products. In 23th March, 2013, VIP.com was listed in NYSE. Until 31th March, 2017, VIP.com has achieved continually 18 months getting profit. Nowadays,Vip.com becomes the third biggest e-commerce platform in China.


VIP’s southern warehouse in China started operation robotic system in Aug, 2016. This system achieve “goods to person” through robots moving shelf. Workers work in a fixed station, goods will be sent to the station automatically. Robots work with background system management to achieve storage layout optimization, robots schedule and order processing, to make the warehouse become to a self-adaption system. The picking station was set in a side of warehouse to achieve putaway/picking/refund functions. The whole system took less than 2 months to start officially operation.



Project Effect




■ Increased Productivity, a station can achieve 400-500 units /hour

■ Improve picking accuracy up to 99.99%

■ Reduce labor cost, robotic warehouse save 70% labor than before.

■ Optimize work flow to reduce human intervention.

■ Innovative product application, assist brand marketing effectively



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