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Upload time:2019-04-03 Source: South China Warehouse was officially launched in August 2016 with Geek+ "goods-to-person" Picking System. The entire system took 2 months from implementation to going live. The categories mainly focus on apparel, cosmetic and its operation mode is the combination of batch picking and order picking. Warehouse area is 6,000 square meters, deployed with 120 units of Geek+ Robots, 2000 units of shelves. The total capacity can hold 1 million items, and the daily order fulfillment can reach 80,000-100,000 pieces.

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Project Achievements:
Picking Efficiency is up to 400 pcs/hour/picking station, equal to triple labor productivity
Only 16 people work in warehouse , labor cost is reduced 70% than before
The robots are deployed on demand. The number of robots can be increased from 50 to 120 when order volume rises.
Driven by robot and AI concept, it brings added value to branding.

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